Reasons to vote for John Hartwig Jr CPA

As the Libertarian candidate, I am uniquely qualified to serve as Missouri State Auditor to independently audit and review the actions of the Republican and Democratic officeholders and the various state agencies under their management.

When elected, I will initiate a review of the priorities for auditing the various state agencies and counties while taking into consideration the requests from taxpayers for an audit of a particular entity.

When elected, I will also make a current reassessment of the recruiting efforts needed to attract qualified auditors to the staff of the Missouri State Auditor.

When elected, I will make sure that my office is open for any information reporting potential waste, inefficiency, and embezzlement of the State of Missouri assets.

When elected, I promise to serve a single term as auditor, and to return to private life thereafter as I am a strong believer in term limits on all officeholders.